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Yes, creating a sustainable life on Earth is possible!  It is happening now, all around the world, and more and more each day!  Without a doubt, it is a goal we must work together to achieve.  Toward that end, has three goals of its own:

1) to deliver a positive, unifying vision of what sustainable living on Earth looks like and describe ways to achieve it;

2) to report humankind’s progress toward creating a sustainable life on Earth; and

3) to connect and engage individuals who strive to honor, protect and nurture humankind's symbiotic relationship with the Earth.

You can help be the premier science education website that teaches children and adults about sustainable living and engages them in the process of creating a sustainable life on Earth by making your tax-deductible financial contribution now. 

Donating is safe, easy and 100% tax deductible.  Simply click the Donate button below to give securely through your existing PayPal account (no fees are charged to you or for this service) or with a credit card using the PayPal system.  Thank you!


Donors who contribute at the Sustainer Level (or higher) will receive the email address of their choice "" - for life!  The offer includes one email address based on availability, including mailbox, anti-spam/virus protection and 24/7 technical support.  For more information, click here.  (Note: This feature will be available in the next version of  

You also may mail your donations payable to:
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Thank you for your support! is administered by The Center for Psychology and Social Change, a 501(c) 3, non-profit, education organization doing business as the John E. Mack Institute.  For more information, visit


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